Looking for a Japanese partner? Seeking to promote your products? Looking for the best manufacturer who can meet your specific needs? Hoping to contact a Japanese company but can't because the personnel in the company don't speak English? Need cool working space? Planning a buiness trip for research? Looking for a company that can send your product info to your potential customers? Looking for a market survey on a particular sector in Japan? Seeking to knowhow to set up a branch in Japan?

Then let us help. We are Edway Japan, a unique consultancy based in Tokyo, specializing in the Japanese market for global companies.



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gallery/award (1)
  • Providing a market survey of the Japanese retail market and partner recommendations
  • Providing information for company research
  • Importing musical instruments and selling them through an online shop
  • Import special building materials
  • Matching a company handling collagen-related products with a university professor specializing in the protein to realize endorsment from the professor for promoting the products
  • Visa aquisition for making business trips to Japan and arranging Japanese market tours
  • Japanese health food market research and reporting
  • Consulting for the establishment of a Japanese branch and office representation
  • Attracting Japanese companies to an industrial park in India
  • Surrogate services for launching a sport goods online store
  • Translating documents and handling email exchanges with Japanese partners
  • etc.. 

Edway Japan has been providing various solutions to clients active in carious industries. We accept their requests, no matter how small or complex, and provide support to help connect companies with Japan.

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